I’m still getting the hang of this wordpress shiz; I just wrote out a little post and managed to fuck it up by pressing a button! GRRRARG! Perhaps doing this at 1 in the morning wasn’t the best idea, but now I’ve started, I must finish. Apologies if this looks a mess after I’m done.

SO, I’m going to post up my latest project that I did this term. Part of it feels like a sham right now because for this past week two of the people I chose to put in it have stopped talking to me because I did something very stupid- don’t drink kids! So yeah this was meant to be like a collection of people I’m close to at the moment and who inspire me, and in a way it still is, but the feeling was sort of meant to be mutual. Relationships are slippery little buggers, especially when drenched in alcohol. Still, the people I’ve photographed are extremely handsome individuals and they mean a helluvalot to me no matter how they might feel about us at the moment. I used a Mamiya c330 which I am now in love with and want very much. I wanted to try out for this project but left it too late in the end, so I’ll do it in my own time over the xmas hols I expect.

Enough rambling! Here’s the front cover thingy-

And hopefully under this cut button thing I will successfully hide some of the snaps in a larger format

*phew* so hopefully this will work otherwise I’m chucking this very expensive hunk of metal out the window.

These aren’t in any particular order btw, I cba for that, plus who cares eh?

I wonder if I can tag people in this…

EDIT: fuck it I really have no idea how this site works


~ by shohpie on December 20, 2010.

One Response to “NARG!”

  1. The pics are beautiful…well done xxx

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