Crochet creatures

This post is to show off what I’ve done with my crochet skillz so far. Crochet is so freakin’ easy, everyone should have a go! Anyways here’s some critters I’ve managed to create (excuse the appalling photographs) –

This is my Hattifattener. For those of you that don’t know about Hattifatteners they are from the Moomins created by Tove Jansson. They are fucking awesome. The quality of this one might look bad to you but trust me it’s better than some of the others I’ve spotted on the net, plus I didn’t use a pattern for this. I think maybe make the fingers a bit smaller next time so they’d don’t curl so much. Also my sewing skillz aren’t that great on the eyes, still you get the picture.

I currently have some dangling from my phone-

This is my Squid, made from a pattern I got out of super-super cute crochet ( he only has one eye because I lost the other one. I think it adds to his charm. I think the arms could do with being longer or the body shorter in this pattern, plus they’ve missed out the two really long tentacles they use to grab stuff. Squids are awesome.

This is my dragon which is also from super-super cute crochet. He looks orange here but he’s actually bright red. I’m not totally sure about the buttons I used for eyes but they were the only pair I could find that looked like eyes. Also the size of the head is a bit out of proportion to the body in my opnion. Mum owns him now anyway.

I’m most proud of this little critter here though, also done without a pattern to refer to, but anyone who knows how to crochet can see that it’s very easy to do. Mum did the face because she has more skillz than I in that dept. He’s a present for my friends Ed and Em in London to say thank you for letting me stay there last time I went. I owe them a lot, so I figure this is a good start to the pay back. I haven’t actually sent it off to them yet so if you’re reading this, sorry about spoiling the surprise! He’s bloody cute though eh? I really like how the arms have come out.

This is something I messed around with over xmas; I cut up a bunch of old tatty tights, tied all the bits together to make a ball of yarn and crocheted it! I quite like it because of the random ties that emerge each side and it stretches but holds it’s shape really well. So if there’s any old tights you want to chuck out send them my way! Close ups –

Also in black!

So there we have it. I know they’re not amazing but if you’re interested in any of the above things then drop me a line.

Also if you live in or around Weymouth, Dorset then come along to the stitch ‘n’ bitch at the old town hall on January 4th. It’s a group of lovely crafty people who get together every fortnight, organised by moi originally but since I go to uni a lot of the time my friend L looks after it whilst I’m away. Here’s her crafty blog-

~ by shohpie on December 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Crochet creatures”

  1. Hey Soph! love the blog and these creatures are amazing!! how come i haven’t seen them before you silly sausage! 😀 xx

  2. thats cool ..i have loads of “Black” opaque Tights [they were my daughters old school tights] and they are thick in 60 denier..90 denier..120 denier etc etc..if you need any..?

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