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So this blog is so far lacking in musical things, and since I haven’t learnt anything new for a while I thought I’d be lazy and link to my two facebook videos-

When I got back home I was desperate to do something a bit more complex, so I scoured uke sites for a song I would feel comfortable with. After a while I just went back to the main songs I play- Sea Of Love by Cat Power and Ocean by The Velvet Underground (not yet recorded). But I did stumble across the chords for The Vines- Autumn Shade and gave that a go. It’s extremely simple, around 4 chords like Sea Of Love and I know the lyrics because it’s my favourite song from that album. The only thing I can’t get right is the strumming pattern whilst singing. I might post a simple version first, just so it feels like I’ve done something with the time spent on it already, and then just keep at it. Strumming patterns are a bitch! I really want to record Ocean too but I’ve played it so many time that it’s loosing it’s passion, plus there are so many versions that it’s hard to know which lyrics to sing. Ho hum, I just want to be an awesome uke rock star dressed in totally awesome crocheted dresses and some how making it possible to photograph amazingly just by blinking.

Also- go see Tron as it is what 3D movies were made for, but avoid Gulliver’s Travels ’cause it’s shit.

~ by shohpie on December 28, 2010.

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