I’ve arrived in Romania! Jesus fucking Christ! It took me all day but I managed it just about, and like a pansy all I want is my bed back in Plymouth. I’m staying with three other girls and two of them have boyfriends so this is going to be a very noisy three months methinks!

I haven’t even been here a day and I’ve already encountered a technical fault with my Digi SLR- my laptop’s SD card reader doesn’t work so I have to use other people’s cameras to download the images, which then results in squashed piccies 😦 here’s some I took at Charlie’s before I left-

I stayed in her Grandmother’s old house in Kensal Green. It’s one of the best houses I’ve been in, I like it a lot, especially the things you can find in the spare room here. She made me feel a ton better about the trip just by helping me out with the last few bits. I was feeling really down about coming here but since I’ve arrived I’ve been met by some really nice helpful people.

Hopefully my scanner survived the trip and I’ll be able to upload some photos soon. Got to think of ideas now and suss out how to do research, sketchbooks etc. CBA right now!

~ by shohpie on January 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Buna!”

  1. The first couple of weeks will be hard but after that you won’t wanna come home again, I assure you. Glad the people there are cooool. I fly in the morning! Aahh!
    Love the suitcase photo. Old houses are straaaange, but cool.

  2. Cool nice pics of the house. Glad I was able to help, keep in touch. Love Charlie xx

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