First day out in Brasov

I went to the centre today  and managed to buy a card reader for my laptop! I win at life today!

Here’s some snaps from around Brasov (featuring a frozen pair of boxers!)-

So it’s mainly generic snow pics of pretty trees and streams at the moment, but I have had some ideas about the project I wanted to do so I’m going to do some brain storming tonight in my lil sketchbook and maybe do a bit of research. Tomorrow I think I’ll go in again, but using a different route hopefully, and I might try to pick up a Romanian sim for my new Romanian flip phone (fancy!)

Annoying things today were being sent in the wrong direction by an extremely kind woman and finding the tourist information centre when it was closed :/

Still I’m mega pleased about the card reader because without that I’d be pretty screwed in regards to digital photographs! Plus downloaded GIMP last night because for some reason my laptop doesn’t appear to have CS4 any more 😦 pooeybums!

Anyway, I made it out, despite the weird looks people gave me as I said I was heading out alone, and I feel tons better for it! Go me!

O yeah and I spotted one of the hundreds of stray dogs sat under a tree earlier looking up into it and then to my amazement I spotted a ginger cat up there! I’ve never seen that before, only in cartoons. I wanted to take a photo but the dog started to give me evils so I promptly moved on.


~ by shohpie on January 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “First day out in Brasov”

  1. Hi Soph
    The photos look lovely and will look forward to seeing more. Gorgeous building in first photo. Glad you managed to find the reader.
    Have a fantastic time! I am unfortunately off sick with a chest infection …. will be two weeks in all! Pooeybums! lol! I will keep in touch with your mum and give her another ring in next couple of days.
    Thinking of you in that Winterwonderland!
    Bunty and Andy xx

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