5th day

Hullo again! I seem to be veering off to this blog more than my other one these days, but I suppose this one was created for photography shizz and that is what I’m mainly doing over here in Brasov! The weather’s been great ever since I got here- sun every day! Doesn’t stop it from being in the minuses though, -4 today, not too bad.

Soooo today I went to the Erasmus office to get some info on when my language course starts and how I can get in contact with some of the other students on the exchange. It’s a real shame I’ve been put in another part of the campus away from the other exchange students, but the guys here are nice and are happy to help me out if I need it. I think I just like the idea of knowing that there are others around me that are in the same position!

After that bit of admin I went and found a supermarket in the centre (hallelujah!) and strolled around the edge of the city walls. It’s very quiet just outside of the centre, you’d never guess it was there! Came across a beautiful little graveyard and took some snaps with my Diana mini. Tempted to make some work there but I guess it would be seen as disrespectful. It’s frustrating that I don’t feel safe enough to make work in the dark as that would be the perfect setting.

Tonight I’m going to sort out some research to print tomorrow for my sketchbook and maybe try to figure out how to make a contact sheet too. O yeah and try to get the scanner up and running!

Didn’t have the internet last night so I watched Black Swan which Jonny kindly gave me before I left. I thought it was good, maybe a bit too dramatic but I guess that was to be expected. I really like the scene where her legs snap! Creepy shit!

O yeah and here’s David’s blog from last year- http://www.youtube.com/user/ephotojournalist#p/u/56/XzuVF66Jqw4

That’s just the one I’ve got up to so far, it’s a bit intimidating watching them because he does an awful lot with his time but my body clock is totally different (especially with my room mates staying up until all hours and getting up at God knows when) and I’m enjoying Brasov for now although I do hope to go to some other neighbouring places soon.

Let’s finish with some snaps


~ by shohpie on February 1, 2011.

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