lazy 6th day

Today I’m staying in as my body is aching from all the walking I’ve been doing and carrying my rucksack all day long. I may venture out to do this printing later but I have to figure out how to do a contact sheet first.

Anyway! Almost a week as passed, blimey! Aaaaand I’ve sorted the scanner đŸ˜€ here are some disposable camera snaps-

Ok nothing spectacular or anything but I am quite pleased that they came out at all! The camera I used was from the poundshop in Plym and had no flash on it so I thought all the light reflecting from the snow would be perfect for it. I love snow, especially the tracks made in it and the different forms it takes.

Also I have no way of getting rid of the hairs on these :/ I used to have cs4 on this laptop but it’s disappeared (helpful!) and I’ve downloaded GIMP but for some unknown  reason it won’t let me use the spot healing or clone stamp tools (also very helpful!) so if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong, please enlighten me!

~ by shohpie on February 2, 2011.

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