9th day?

I’m loosing track of my days! Anyway, I haven’t been up to an awful lot, went to the citadel with some of the guys in the building earlier which was nice and afterwards Georgie helped me get some photos printed so I’ll be popping them in the old sketch book later I expect. Totally knackered now! Not sure what’s up with me but my body is slowly saying “no Sophie you can’t go out everyday and do what you like!” which is a tad annoying to be honest!

Soooooo got some shots back from my Diana mini and I’ve been scanning them in using a dodgy system of quickly unplugging the laptop, plugging the scanner in, selecting the photos at high speed and adjusting the histograms and then scanning furiously with my fingers crossed in case the laptop conks out. Only one plug near my bed you see! It’s worked out ok so far though so it’s all good stuff!

Anyway snaps! Featuring a few from a party at Mel Hoare’s place around xmas with JeffJeff

Matt said that the blue ones look like they’re underwater. I’ve got quite a few that have turned out like that because my mini has a habit of switching to the B setting whilst in my bag, so a lot of the photos get way over exposed and the snow reflects light so well. I like it though and might see if I can use it to my advantage in the future because they have got a nice quality about them. as for the random black mark in some of them don’t ask because I simply don’t know what the fuck it is! Every now and then it appears, quite a bit in this collection unfortunately.

Off to the train station tomorrow I think to have a snoop around because there’s a few parks along the way and I want to check where I can travel to from here. Looking on the Web I’ve discovered I could get a direct train to places like Munich and Vienna! Very tempting but it would depend on the price.

I’ve been looking into couch surfing these past few days too, and I’ve made contact with a few who live in this city and might look further a field and see if I can stay with anyone for a night or two in some of the other places around here. I was thinking it could turn out to be another project in the second half of my stay here perhaps, but again it all depends on the travel costs.


~ by shohpie on February 5, 2011.

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