day 13

Oooer 2 weeks ago tomorrow I was on my way here! It’s definitely flown past, I’m worried I won’t cram in as much as David did but I’ve had my funding sent today so let the travelling commence! Tomorrow I hope to take a little trip out of Brasov as long as I get up earlyish, I have yet to choose the place so it’s looking good so far!

Anyway, since my last post I’ve done some more exploring- I’ve found some caves, been chased by a pack of dogs (scary shit right there), made some friends with a black dog and ginger kitten, been out with Georgie and his girlfriend to black and silver, and just generally doing annoying admin in the centre at the Erasmus office.

Here’s some diana mini snaps I took along the way-

I’m pleased with that film, lots of animals! I’m thinking about turning my diana mini snaps into a little book when I get back home as my final project for the year, but we’ll see what the lecturer’s think.

All the snow’s melted now :/ it’s meant to snow tomorrow but if today’s anything to go by that won’t happen! Boo!

~ by shohpie on February 9, 2011.

One Response to “day 13”

  1. Black dog mega spooky I like 😉

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