day 33

Blimey! Over 10 days since my last post! Better do a bit of updating- For the past two weeks I’ve been exploring and meeting loads of new people! I didn’t leave an awful lot of time for work but I have done a couple of shoots and I’m around 200 words off finishing my essay thank fuck.

The girls were away for a week so I participated in some couchsurfing for the first time! Met 3 guys; 2 from Australia and a Kiwi 🙂 they were all quite different travellers so it made it quite interesting! Leon was quite clearly here purely to use the place for it’s comforts with a bit of conversation thrown in, Jonathan was a scatty little guy who made us late for everything and taught me a traditional Filipino dish, and Jono was a laid back guy who really goes with the flow. I met up with Jono again this morning which was really nice, I hope I meet him again in England or Australia, or wherever for that matter! You can spot him in a few of the pics below. It was nice having the guys around for the week because I felt more like this was my home and I was showing them it. The girls came back a couple of days earlier than I expected and I didn’t get the cleaning done in time so it looked very bad on my part! O well I did it in the end. I owe an awful lot to couchsurfing now I think, without it I wouldn’t have met half as many people and made such awesome friends!

AAANYWAY here’s some pics-


~ by shohpie on February 28, 2011.

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