The projects I could have done

I’ve been thinking about these over the time I’ve spent here, and thought I’d write them down for future reference-

Kiosk portraits

In Romania they’re big fans of putting their shop workers into little boxes on the streets, leaving a very small window for the exchange of goods and money.  Even though this probably happens in other parts of the world too, it’s seems very strange to me and I think creating portraits using the small window as the frame would be very effective. There’s also a lot of bakeries here that have a slightly larger window with a worker staring blankly on the other side waiting for the next customer. The reason I didn’t do this project was a) I don’t speak Romanian so I would have to find a translator b) I don’t know how I could get their natural expressions without them noticing with the limited equipment I have here with me and c) I don’t think any of them would want me to take their photograph.

Abandoned buildings

There’s so many of them around here that you could easily get a decent project out of them.

Melting snow

Rach came up with this idea and I wish I’d done it now; as the snow melts you begin to see the rubbish and dirt beneath it. So the snow acts like a blanket making everything look clean and beautiful when in fact that isn’t the reality of the place.


I could have taken a whole load of portraits whilst I was here if I had the Mamiya c330 with me- the volunteers, the Erasmus students, the Romanian students, the couchsurfers, so many people.

But I chose the Diana Mini idea, and I like it. I made some mini zines yesterday to add to the Brasov Papergirl that happens in the summer here, and I hope to use them when I get home too.

~ by shohpie on April 22, 2011.

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