I bought a Baritone uke yesterday, in Bridport of all places. I’m still very baffled by it but it sounds lovely and I can’t wait to upload some songs 🙂 I think minor sounding songs will sound better on it, but I still love the way my lil tenor uke sounds. I want to jam with someone, praps Knitternerd would like to mess around over the summer.So far I’ve found a few sites using the top 50 uke sites list-

AND there’s a documentary about the rise of the uke!

Awesome! I really want to try to improve my uke skills over the summer, hopefully my job won’t be too demanding and Powerstock is so sleepy and quiet, perfect for practicing. I could also have a go at doing songs like this-

I luuuuuurrrrrve that song.

I processed an old film from last year the other day, and took some more snaps of Argyll house before I left, using redscale film and the mamiya c330-

I like the way the redscale looks through the eyes of the Mamiya; because it’s a film typically used with other lomography cameras and products it’s not used to having such a considered look about it. Perhaps I could start a new photographic movement- Lomography considered. I’d like to do this as a project next year but I’m not sure how to outline a good enough brief to impress my lecturers. HMMMMMM!

~ by shohpie on June 7, 2011.

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