Beast with antlers

If you have a LiveJournal get your ass over to this community- indie_exchange (

Thanks goes to knitternerd for pointing me in it’s direction!

Here’s part of an idea I had for a project to do with pivotal conversations, with a kind of post secret thing and some snake skin-

All scanned with my good ol’ neg scanner. I like the texture behind the words, created by layering masking tape. The idea was to place the segments of conversation within the space it was spoken, the masking tape makes it easier to stick o anywhere in that space. I’m not sure it works though; I tried it in one shot in my last post ( but it’s in rescale so it’s hard to tell whether it really works.

The post secret thing is a result of people being rubbish, and the snake skin is from knitternerd’s snake 🙂

~ by shohpie on June 12, 2011.

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