super 8 is super

I got up today with my main intention of doing something with Dads super 8 camera-

I collected it from my room in my home town last week and brought it back with me to maybe start up a new project. I got new batteries for it and everything but it still didn’t work, so this afternoon (whilst Nath had his lunch) I started to poke about inside until I gave up and decided to head into town down to Doug Palmer’s ( so he could look at it. Before I left though I saw another screw I hadn’t looked under- et voilà! I have no idea what I did, but it works now so I’m a happy chappy.

So now my head is full of silly little ideas, but the only problem is that the film itself and the processing cost around £20-30 every time! So I’m thinking about just doing a test run with the film I have inside the camera and the one I have from a few years a go and see what happens. I might go into Doug’s place this week and see if he has any random donated films that I could nab and play with too.


Also I’m having a meeting with Polly at the Art Centre next week about doing a papergirl event in Dorset! ( I’ve already donated some of my unsuitable Romanian photographs from my last university project to the one happening in Birmingham, ( so hopefully this blog will get a bit more traffic!

If that wasn’t enough then please go look at my mums new jewellery blog here in WP-

~ by shohpie on July 4, 2011.

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