So yesterday I went to Doug Palmer’s to poke around and collect some amateur films which get donated with the projectors there.

The two films I brought back were entitled “Yorkshire Dales & Abroad” and “Tyrol Switz 1979”. I then went about unreeling the “Yorkshire Dales…” and picking out bits of interest to try and scan. Here’s the results with my 35mm neg holder-

Not great huh? The coloured stripes and the dark side is due to my scanner getting confused, which is very frustrating for me! So I tried using the basic scanning mode, made for document scanning-

Which is better, but you get a slight shadow and some dark patches; not so great for making prints afterwards. So I tried it with the film holder again, this time with the 5″ x 4″-

An improvement, but the coloured stripes are still there, so I need to find a way of adapting one of my film holders to hold 8mm.

I like looking through the little images on these films though, I wonder who these people were. I may buy a super 8 projector next time I get paid to see what the films are of and the quality the film produces, because I’ve never watched one! Plus I can watch the films I make and maybe digitally record the films whilst they’re being projected to get prints that way.

~ by shohpie on July 7, 2011.

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  1. […] reading this post I figured out that the reason I got the coloured stripes (shown in my previous post) was because I was scanning vertically, not horizontally! Explained in this lil […]

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