After reading this post I figured out that the reason I got the coloured stripes (shown in my previous post) was because I was scanning vertically, not horizontally! Explained in this lil paragraph-

“You may ask: why not scan in vertical direction to get more frames at a time? The answer: Because the vertical scanning takes loooonnnnnggggg time and also there is a problem, the film would need to cross all the scanner vertically and it would cover the scanner calibration area and the machine would stop working. It does not deserves the try. Also, working with high dpi (9600 and 6400) will not let you scan more than the V500 horizontal area due to the file size limits the software have.”

I now haz results :3

*phew* now I need to work out how to feed the film through the film holder without damaging it too much. I may go for what this person did and sandwhich it between 2 panes of glass and mark it out with black tape. I’m very happy that I’ve overcome this, now I can move on with my ideas!

~ by shohpie on July 7, 2011.

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