Put your hands on the wheel

So, I’ve moved back to Plymouth, to do my final year of my Photography BA hons degree. It’s a weird feeling knowing that I’ll be graduated this time next year, and that I won’t see these people anymore. It got me thinking, though, about the people that used to be in my life more regularly, and then of course about my dad. I begin to wish that people could be more like him. For my dissertation this year I’m going to be looking at Photography’s relationship with Death, and like Roland Barthes, I will probably draw from my own experiences a lot for this.

My practical project is slightly connected with this in the way that I’m looking at therapeutic Photography (which links to dealing with bereavement through Photography) and the way people interact with the camera. The images I have in my head are of someone sitting in front of the camera and talking to it about whatever they wish. I see this like a form of counseling, except there’s no reply from the camera. I’m excited t see how this works out, and I really hope it does work out!

~ by shohpie on September 29, 2011.

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