To expand…

My post before was pretty lame and non descriptive so I’ll go into slightly more detail in this brand-spanking-shiny-new post. Me and my housemates are getting together to make artsy shizz under the name of The Chicken Coop, because we’re all hens here in our little house, laying eggs of inspiration. We’ve got a blog, but there’s nothing on it ’cause we suck so far, but we’re getting better, honest.

Also I want to make tiny little cook books.

Umm, another thing is- I took my lil bundles of free art along to the fair and they went within the first half an hour. This makes me want to do this again, so I am. I’ll probably make a new sparkly blog for it or something, later, when I’m not full of mulled wine. I need a name for it too. Bundle. Bunch. Roll. Wad. Hmmm.

Answers on a postcard please, I really need to know.

Anyway, if you want in this time please get in touch: stoppokingme66 at hotmail dot com

~ by shohpie on November 29, 2011.

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