Roll Bus Roll

I’m having a lazy sunday here in Plym, practicing on my baritone and listening to Jeffrey Lewis. I figure I should do something productive with my day, so I’ve come to do a new post- hurrah!

Recently I’ve joined We Make Zines to help get some of my little miniphotozines out there, go check it out! I made a little group on there called photozines, for people who like to make their zines with photos.

So, the main thing I’m thinking about today is what I’m going to do for my next project. I think what I really want to do is steer my photos towards  more of a narrative route, kind of like the stuff I did in Romania, but with better cameras. So I’m going to ask people for love letters, old and new, and take photographs to illustrate them. Then I’ll probably make a book or something. So if you or someone you know wants to donate a love letter to my project please get in touch! I think I’m going to start by writing a letter to Sid, my poor moth that hatched over the christmas holidays and died because I left the lid on the jar. It’s not going to be a conventional love letter I know, but I feel really bad about what happened and he was pretty awesome.

~ by shohpie on January 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “Roll Bus Roll”

  1. Poor Sid 😦

    I did the same thing with my frog when I was little.

    • Awww no, I think I’d feel even worse if it was a frog, I don’t know why :/
      Do you have any love letters you could donate to my project?

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