I love getting post…

…So I was super happy when I started zine swapping over on we make zines!



Fun times!

The first collection I received was from Mina Boromand. She sent me two fully illustrated books in black and white, and these collage postcards. The books are beautiful; complete saturated with drawings that flow into each other and a small amount of text around the edge of each page, giving you musings and observations from her life in London. She’s got a very distinctive style, really eye catching.

This is the collection of zines I got from Hannah Robinson. I FUCKING LOVE THESE THINGS! They’re so Freakin’ cool! I’ve left the little zine about tea in our living room because we all love tea. I’ve given the colouring book to my housemate James and the stickers have been stuck proudly to my brand new Mac. I think A visit to Prague is my favourite because the illustrations are slightly more melancholy than the colouring book and tea zine. These would make perfect presents for anyone! I’m so happy I did a swap with this girl.

The third bundle of zines came from Jeff Matthew Ramirez. These two zines, entitled When Deadlines Become Zombies, are choc full of poems. Me and my housemates have been browsing them for a couple of days now and there’s been plenty of giggles. There’s some really dark stuff in them (such as Hot Summer Sale and Cool Savings), and stuff that I personally can relate to (like Card and Featherstone), and I love it when books have little notes in them like ‘if you’re still reading this, thank you’ it makes it more personal. In our email correspondence Jeff mentioned this about the second issue:

“The first version is the all-ages, G-rated, family friendly version.

 The second version has got the poems from the first version and contains a true story featuring a politely-described love scene.

 And the third version has got the poems and contains that love scene with lots of profanity and raunch (if you are familiar with the electroclash music of Peaches, Gravy Train!!!!, as well as the sounds of Karen O and Siouxie and the Banshees, that’s the kind of raunchiness I wrote in this love scene). This third version was the originally intended version, but I do not want to offend you or anyone, so I created these three options).”

So of course, me being an adult now, I went for the third version. The story he talks about is bloody brilliant, and not because it’s about a love scene. You just have to read it.

I like how you have to turn the books different ways for some of the poems too, it engages the reader more. You can have a look at some of his thoughts and things on his blog. I have a feeling I’m going to be ranting and raving about these for a while.

Anyways, there’s my simple minded two cents on these wonderful little creations. I can’t wait to get more, they’re such a refreshing change from the daily grind here.

~ by shohpie on February 4, 2012.

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