Freakin’ out

Here’s a quick update of my creative endeavours over the past week or so-

I’ve been to two gigs recently for my birthday; The Magnetic Fields and Graham Coxon. If you’ve not heard of these people then you should check them out because they are brilliant and stuff. I met a lovely couple at TMF gig; I found myself in a small box with 3 other people in the Royal Festival Hall, which turned out to be a pretty neat way of meeting new like minded people. I’ve been listening to songs on Daniel’s (apologies if I remembered his name wrong, I was very tired that night!) 1 Fab Song A Day blog, and also checking out his Photo Projects Tumblr. So yes, that was a very fun evening indeed. Whilst I was at the gig Charlie’s friend Matt told me about a job going at the school he works at, so I’m going to apply even though I know I wont get it. Why not eh?

This sunday I will be doing my first open mic night at our local pub. I’ll probably sing Cat Powers version of Sea of Love because it’s the only song I know how to play well enough to perform in front of people. I’ll try and get some kind of recording of it, like one of those video thingys or something. My aim after this is to try and learn more songs so I can play a different song each time I go. I will of course be attempting a Magnetic Fields song and maybe even a Coxon song too. I also have a few others that need a bit more practice- Autumn Shade by The Vines, Ocean by The Velvet Underground and Oh Comely by Neutral Milk Hotel. I’ll have my own cover album in no time!

My dissertation has been handed in- huzzah! But now I have to slog on with my practical project, so expect more enigmatic photo posts! Off I go into the real world again…

Oh! Also check out this lady because she’s funny- Gemma Correll


~ by shohpie on May 1, 2012.

4 Responses to “Freakin’ out”

  1. Saw Coxon at the Pavillions in Falmouth on Monday. Quality. If Bonnie Prince Billy and Trembling Bells are passing you’re way go and check them out. Went down to Penznce to see them last night and it was brilliant. Good luck with the final project and the open mic!

    • 😀 awesome! I loved his Exeter gig, but he was quite tired and they all went off stage after an hour which was a bit strange. I had to leave half an hour early though because of the trains, which also sucked. I’ll have to catch a full gig on his next tour! What songs did he play?

      • Ha! He went off after an hour only to come back on again for a further hour -after a ten minute fag break, presumably. The hotel he was staying in burned down, so guess he wasn’t too fussed about finishing quickly. Finished with ‘I Wish’ .

      • Oh wow what a song to finish on! Poifect 🙂

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