Oh lordy

I’ve forgotten to mention the arty farty things from my London trip last week! Basically my friend knows a person who knows some other people who work at the Hayward Gallery, and we got free tickets to see Jeremy Deller and David Shrigley! I don’t think there’s anyone in England who hasn’t seen either of these artists work in shops, on the underground etc. So anyways, here’s my favourite pieces from each show-

I’d never seen Jeremy Deller’s work before, so I suppose a retrospective of his work is a good start. He’s very much a collaborative artist, doing demonstrations and reenactments with huge groups of people.

This is from his work with the Manic Street Preachers. I like the look of this wall very much.

And this is a rejected commission for the cover of the London Underground tube map. He’s a cyclist you see.

I gave an ex boyfriend a David Shrigley post card for his birthday, completely oblivious that it was anything to do with him. It was an awesome card.

This dog is used on the advertisement for the exhibition, and is surprisingly small in real life, as you can see.

This piece tickled me the most.

So there you go, a completely pointless uninformative post about these two artists.

~ by shohpie on May 1, 2012.

3 Responses to “Oh lordy”

  1. Ha! You’ve been to all the same things as me lately! The pidgeon notice one is a favourite too. That, and ‘men down a hole’

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