Under construction. Kind of.

So! I finished my degree yesterday, pretty neat huh? This means I’ll have more time to do stuff like writing on here- “huzzah!” I hear you cry! Saying that, I need to actually do some creative stuff in order to post here, so maybe normality will be maintained.

Here‘s the website to our degree show. Don’t ask about the name, it’s a sore subject amongst us.

I’m going to try and update the look of the blog anyways- notice the pussy cat at the top? And I’ve updated the About page, although I don’t know how to link it to the main page yet (I swear my intelligence has gone down since going to uni). And I wanna put a new piccy of myself up too.

Anyway, here’s another photo from my final major project from the sub series ‘Dear G’-

The whole project is based around 3 “love” letters that were sent to me anonymously. I basically responded to their content with my camera and using a few other alternative processes which ended being an eclectic mix of images. I eventually made these into 3 separate black and white zines kept together by a handmade envelope, and a photobook which brought together all of the photographs from the final edits to create a fabricated story. It’s pretty awesome, I have to say. I’m considering selling them at some point, so if anyone fancies one let me know!


~ by shohpie on May 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “Under construction. Kind of.”

  1. Nice work Sophie! I’ll try to get up to Plymouth to see the show before it’s taken down. What’s next?

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m just gonna go home and do normal life stuff now :/ when are you coming to see the show? It looks amazing at the moment!

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