Professional stuff taken on a crappy camera phone!

That’s what you’ve stumbled upon here my good friend, quality shots of my professional produce in a lovely shop, and also my final exhibition layout. Cor you’re a lucky fellow ain’t’cha?

So, my Romanian miniphotozines are ready to purchase in the Peninsula Arts Gallery in the Roland Levinsky Building on the Plymouth University campus. Blimey. My housemate Hannah is also in the shop with her beautiful stitched found photographs, which she won 2 prizes for! Well done Hannah Banana!

My Exhibition piece ended up being a contact sheet style image of some scans I did of Dad’s little pieces of paper from his pockets- something he always had an abundance of. I placed my final books for the Love Letters project underneath with some free stickers and postcards to take away, plus Dad’s RRR #1 zine. I’m pretty proud of the final outcome, it was worth the stress (the library printer hated me for a while).

Sorry for this poor excuse for an update, but this week’s been pretty hectic what with starting a new job, going to interviews and preparing for the move back home- takes it out of you don’t it?

(Also, I don’t know why part of this post is in bold, I can’t change it, weird huh?)

~ by shohpie on June 22, 2012.

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