Going back to reality

SO! I’ve moved out of my house in Plymouth, I’m never going to live at 33 Beatrice again, how strange!

It hasn’t hit me yet, I think in the back of my mind I’m still under the delusion that I’ll be going back soon.

On thursday I went to visit my friend Robin, he works in the hub at the uni and we’ve become good friends recently so I thought I’d take his portrait before I left. Unfortunately most of them came out blurry because I only had 125 speed film and we talked so much that it started to get dark outside when we actually got around to doing it. Anyway, here’s a few of what I think are the best and some of his blind cat Bubby:

I’d quite like to get back into portraits again so might do a little ongoing side project using natural light as always.

I haven’t much chance to do anything else very creative recently because of all the packing and unpacking, plus the emotional turmoil that comes with saying goodbye to your close friends. BUT there’s still the pop-up shop to do and if I start making good money I might try and do a little trip round the country to say hi to everyone. Who knows what the rest of this year is going to be like!

~ by shohpie on July 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “Going back to reality”

  1. A happier time. 🙂

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