I asked my friend Robin to process a film I found in an old bag the other day, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the images were of my visit to my grandparents place last year. They’re planning on moving soon so it’s nice to have these images of their house- it’s a beautiful stone building situated in a tiny hamlet on the outskirts of Condom (yes that’s right, Condom) in the south of France. The knights templar were known to pass through Gourragne at some point, and theres a wonderful atmosphere there. I took some photographs of a tree me and Jonny planted for his friend Matt Taylor who tragically died before we left for our Europe trip in 2009. It grows in Gourragne’s valley which has a small bamboo forest and a lovely little pond; I’ve posted photographs of this area before.

One thing that bothers me about these photographs is my inability to keep the horizon level. It’s something I always forget about when I’m taking a photo from far away.

~ by shohpie on July 22, 2012.

One Response to “Gourragne”

  1. Hey, Sophe, great to see lil’ ole Gourragne on your blog! Worldwide fame at last! Anyone want to buy our house?
    Nana and Pappy xxxx

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