Leaping to the beeping thing on the dance floor

Canada through the lens of my diana mini…

Still to come- the shots I took on my very broken Praktica! It’s gotten to the point now where not only is it unable to focus properly but I can’t see anything in the viewfinder either, and yet it still takes photographs.

In other news, I’ve started working more on the project surrounding Dad again, and I’ve started looking through his collection of mix tape cards (dating as far back as the early eighties it looks like, although he didn’t start dating them properly until 1995, or there abouts) I’m finding it very interesting, and the smell of them reminds of sitting in his room watching him make them for various friends and family.

Here’s something funny I found floating amongst them all-

I can’t work out if it’s a silly coincidence, but I can imagine dad chuckling to himself when he discovers this at work and popping it into his pocket, keeping it ready to write another classic mix tape/lyric/list on the back.

~ by shohpie on September 17, 2012.

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