Vintage Tea Party

When my friend Rachael asked if I wanted to go to a vintage tea party she was hosting I instantly saw it as an opportunity to get out my Mamiya c330 to get the event down on film. It was a lovely day, she had made a real effort and everyone enjoyed themselves. Not only did we all get to meet new people but we got to watch a baby sleep whilst Naomi made his arms and legs dance, and play with her new puppy- it was the most girly thing I’ve ever been to. She’s thinking about doing it professionally so I’m hoping she’ll want me to be the photographer if she needs one!

Here’s some of the best shots from the day-

I found it quite challenging because I haven’t done this kind of thing since the first year of my degree. I’m not the most confident of people so I find it hard photographing in these kinds of situations, but because it was with people I know I felt fine. Things I need to improve on are my angles when taking the photograph because a lot of them came out askew, and also the main point of focus is often slightly off. I’m pretty rusty after using cameras that are broken it seems!


~ by shohpie on September 30, 2012.

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