Long over due cookery post…

…where I don’t actually give you any useful cookery tips! Huzzah! Just what you needed on this chilly Sunday evening.

I have a good reason though- I’ve been working hard on creating yummy food stuffs and also crocheted masterpieces, BUT they’re all aiming towards becoming christmas presents. So all I have to share with you is my promise that after christmas is over I will do a massively prolific post.

For now, here’s a close up of an almond chocolate cake I baked in Gourragne (The best best chocolate cake you’ll ever taste)

Almond Chocolate cake

Almond Chocolate cake

~ by shohpie on December 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Long over due cookery post…”

  1. looks very delicious. I’m also liking how the cake and close upness of it make it partly look like a gigantic side of a cliff, and the frosty top of it is like covered in snow and with rocky-like terrain. Epic,, Lord-of-the-Rings-ish/Middle-earthly-reminiscent landscape sweet 🙂

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