‘Cause if you stay with us you’re gonna be pretty kookie too

I met up with my friend Benjamin yesterday and we had nice chats about comics and motivation to draw/create/do anything. I said something that me and him have heard many times before – just do it! So with that in mind I have a drawn a picture of what I look like on a sunday afternoon on the back of a Samaritans application form (which, sadly, will never get filled in)



Yes, it may surprise you but my sunday afternoons are usually spent staring at the internet on my Mac’s screen whilst my subconscious gives me a guilt trip about not playing my Uke instead. Saying that, I have been practicing Kooks by David Bowie today because me and Lizzie want to play it for Dorchester’s open mic night at Tom Browns. When this will actually happen is anybody’s guess. Especially if my playing keeps going the way it is. If you haven’t heard this song before please give it a listen- before going to learn it I didn’t realise what a sweet song it was.

So going back to the motivation/procrastination shizz- I always have this little niggle in the back of my brain telling me I should be creating more and trying to draw stuff as well as use my camera (which is pretty rare nowadays too). This is mainly down to my parents influence; Mum is always creating beads, jewellery etc and my Dad has a HUGE back catalogue of creations. Damn these inspiring people making me feel inadequate! Hopefully the prolific gene is lying dormant and will be sprung into action again somehow this year.

On another note, I’m on tweeter a little bit more than I was before, so if you fancy following me it’s here.

~ by shohpie on February 3, 2013.

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