I haz a new post!

So long time no speak! Thought I’d post up some piccies for a new idea I have, which is a bit experimental but hopefully people will find it interesting. I basically want to make a scrapbook at the end of this trip of all the little things I’ve collected along the way. The idea came when my friend Rach and I started to joke about keeping a scrapbook of memories of our stay here. This got me thinking about how I could make it work in my favour, towards a photographic project, and I had already started to scan in things like bark and leaves I’d found in areas that stuck in my memory and I connected with. So that lead me to think what would my collection of ticket stubs and other little bits of paper look like if I scanned them in on my negative scanner; et voilà! It’s still just an idea really, as I haven’t started on the research or the design of the book, but I have a few things floating about in my head, just need to get them into a sketchbook (something I find quite hard!) and start printing the scans to see if they actually work or not. The thing I like about the scanning of these things is that the items don’t have to be a flat piece of paper, they can be virtually anything and I’m flattening them into a photographic form to add to my 2D collection. I like that you can see the creases from where I’ve had the tickets in my pocket too.

Another idea I had with this was to scan the bits of bark in so that they can be blown up to a massive size and presented like that, because they kind of look like another universe to me!

Anyway here’s some of the scans-

some of the better ones I can’t upload because they’re too big, but this gives you a rough idea.

~ by shohpie on March 29, 2011.

One Response to “I haz a new post!”

  1. I looooooooooooove this idea!

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