Stuff About Me

Hello there! This is Sophie Sherwood’s blog for her creative endeavors, which is mainly Photography at the moment because I’ve just finished my Photography degree at Plymouth uni! I also try to play the Baritone Ukulele, shoot a bit of Super 8 film when I have the spare dosh, and dabble in a little bit of craft. If you want to get in touch then please feel free to contact me at sophie DOT a DOT w DOT sherwood AT gmail DOT com.

Also check out and submit to my other blog-

3 Responses to “Stuff About Me”

  1. […] update the look of the blog anyways- notice the pussy cat at the top? And I’ve updated the About page, although I don’t know how to link it to the main page yet (I swear my intelligence has […]

  2. Hi Sophie! Just though I’d let you know, I love your blog so much I’ve nominated it for a very inspiring blog award. woo! here is where you will find the nomination and some info (ignore all the stuff about me, it is ridiculous)


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