Moving on

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Hullo! I’ve just realised that I haven’t explained my absence here fully. I’ve made a new wordpress which has the same name as my tumblr:

I’ve kept the theme of creativity the same but it has a nice retro look to it (Oh God I’m turning into a hipster…)

I’d like to say that I’ve kept it more consistent and up to date, but I remain scatty and a useless blogger *sigh*

See you there!


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Hullo, here is a tumblr what I made:


Flying NPG visit

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Hi! Long time no see! I’m actually in the process of creating a new blog because this one has run out of space which as a (supposed) photography blogger is quite a big deal. I’ll post the link once I get around to finishing it.

So my latest Photography related news is that I went to the National Portrait Gallery last Monday on my way back home from Newcastle. It was a weekend visit to see knitternerd and I wish I was still there eating Brigadeiro. So after getting off of the dreaded megabus I had a 3 hour wait in Waterloo ahead of me and although I had some very heavy baggage with me (I just bought Black Hole by Charles Burns- so surreal) I thought it would make sense to visit the Man Ray Portraits exhibition since I missed it last time due to it being sold out. I got a student ticket too because I’m desperately clinging on to the glorious days of being a creative academic.

Here’s some of my favourites:

Marcel Duchamp New York 1916


Antonin Artaud 1926


Jacqueline 1930


Lee Miller in Man Ray’s Rue Campagne-premiere studio 1929

This one was so tiny and cute- really unlike the other portraits of Lee Miller he did.

This was number one for me:

Maret Oppenheim and Man Ray 1933

But this reproduction doesn’t show the eerie atmosphere of the original print.

I think Man Ray had a rare quality about him, something that you can’t put your finger on. All of these portraits reminded me of how human all of these famous artists were; Ray captured this so well through the lens. This kind of thing is nice to be reminded of when you’re struggling to identify as being an artist yourself.


Inspired by all of this I’ve done some self portraits today in full colour. I messed up on the light meter reading though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I get no results from the session, only the camera knows for now. I’ve loaded my Mamiya c330 up with some black and white film ready to shoot some of my friends this week hopefully, if they’re willing.

In other creative news I’ve been doing a few things with the sewing machine and I’ve been asked to do some backing vocals for a local band! I uploaded a new song on my soundcloud too so please do have a listen.

Remembering Who We Are zine submission

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I was at a party (probably a Don’t Stop Moving evening) somewhere in London, surrounded by my Dad’s friends bopping away to delicious pop music when Ed comes over for a chat. I was an awkward teenager wishing I could be as cool as half the people there and I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Ed’s face looking down on me. He could sense I was having doubts about myself, perhaps he saw parts of himself being reflected back, and to put me at ease he told me something that has been stuck in my mind ever since;

“These people might like like grown-ups Soph, but inside we’re all still teenagers like you.” 
As I’ve grown older I’ve become smarter and I’ve learnt to love myself a bit more, but Ed was right, I’m always going to be an awkward teenager stumbling through life trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing. I’ve also learnt that this isn’t a negative thing, and I’ve definitely accepted it. This little comment has gotten me through some tough social situations; when I feel really lame I remember that a lot of the people I’m with are probably feeling the same way deep down, which makes it easier to function again. Thank you Ed.
To add to the zine email your submission to by tomorrow.


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…all you’re getting this week because I’m so damn busy/lazy. Toodles!


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Snake and Crocodile by Rob Britton- funny comics featuring Cuttlefish!

Dad’s guitar

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This week I’ve been working on some scans I’ve made of Dad’s guitar

Dad's guitar


And I also made This lovely Gin and Tonic cake-

I ate some on the bus back from Portland yesterday (sadly the one in Dorset, not Oregon). Portland Bill is a wonderful place, I really don’t go there enough.