Thank you 12 year old me

Hullo! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week to make up for my painfully dull one. Although, me and Lizzie did get around to practicing for open mic so this is a plus, and I’ve almost finished revising for my driving theory- huzzah!

Today I was going to fill this blog post with photographic experiments using existing images, but my day took an unexpected turn for the better in an odd way. Allow me to expand- my bed is very old and the draws underneath are filled with an abundance of memories. Heavy memories as it turns out because one of these draws collapsed this afternoon from the strain of holding up my past for all these years. After smashing it with a hammer, I had a rifle through all of the crap I’ve hoarded for no good reason- a few scrapbooks crammed with notes my friends passed me in class at school, empty photo albums (why?), and collections of tickets etc. Amongst this was my old Game Boy and a Game Boy Camera! At first I thought “oh neat, now I can use this to take photographs of meaningless objects and make them look cool” but then I looked at the photographs already on it! I’M STILL EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

So here they are-

I had a look online to see if there was a simple way of uploading these onto my computer, but there isn’t, so I used my scanner instead (thanks for that one brain!). Due to the squares on the screen I wasn’t able to do a good job of cleaning them up so there’s a few hairs and reoccurring scratches from the GB screen on them, but I kind of like that. There’s two of my dad in this mix! I was so happy to find them here- I wish I could ask him why he decided to put Pikachu and Toad on his shoulders. Or maybe I did it…either way there’s a whole bunch of stuff on here that I have no recollection of. I have ten free photos left on it so I’m going to use it at a valentines party next weekend I think :3

~ by shohpie on February 10, 2013.

3 Responses to “Thank you 12 year old me”

  1. I like the scratches. – it adds to the effect of a time capsule. And I love the way your Dad ends up captioned “GAMEBOY”. I think he’d find that really funny!. Love the one of your Mum too!

  2. This is so sweet. 🙂

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