Mojito cake

•February 24, 2013 • 1 Comment

This week I made my friend Clari a birthday cake based around her favourite drink- Mojito! It’s super delicious, everyone should give this a go. Recipe is here. One thing I will amend is that it took me a lot longer than 15 minutes to prep this thing, so keep that in mind if you do decide to give it a try. Also the buttercream recipe makes a bit too much for my taste, but I’m not a fan of icing on cakes generally anyways.

Mojito cake

My next boozy cake adventure will probably be Gin and Tonic cake. Hells yes.

After giving boozy cakes a try I can’t seem to get the idea of having an alcoholic tea house out of my head. This adds to my current fantasy of wanting to start up my own tea house based around the one I visited in Brasov, Romania. A tea house that opens late and serves alcoholic tea cocktails with alcoholic cake sounds brilliant to me, but some friend’s have boohooed since I told them so it’ll probably remain as an idea and nothing more.

In other creative news; I’ve been working further on my project surrounding my dad and I’ve had some neat ideas about how to take it further, so yay, and I’ve been thinking about doing a professional shoot with my Game Boy Camera just to see how the photographs would come out on something like that. Why not eh?

Soy un tipo

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Hello there Sunday lovers and haters, it’s time for another update from this guy!

So I’ve tried out a new recipe for White Russian cupcakes (clickyclicky) this week for an alcoholic valentine’s tea party I attended yesterday evening. Here’s some intelligent phone pics to prove I’m true to my word:

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Thank you 12 year old me

•February 10, 2013 • 3 Comments

Hullo! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week to make up for my painfully dull one. Although, me and Lizzie did get around to practicing for open mic so this is a plus, and I’ve almost finished revising for my driving theory- huzzah!

Today I was going to fill this blog post with photographic experiments using existing images, but my day took an unexpected turn for the better in an odd way. Allow me to expand- my bed is very old and the draws underneath are filled with an abundance of memories. Heavy memories as it turns out because one of these draws collapsed this afternoon from the strain of holding up my past for all these years. After smashing it with a hammer, I had a rifle through all of the crap I’ve hoarded for no good reason- a few scrapbooks crammed with notes my friends passed me in class at school, empty photo albums (why?), and collections of tickets etc. Amongst this was my old Game Boy and a Game Boy Camera! At first I thought “oh neat, now I can use this to take photographs of meaningless objects and make them look cool” but then I looked at the photographs already on it! I’M STILL EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

So here they are-

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‘Cause if you stay with us you’re gonna be pretty kookie too

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I met up with my friend Benjamin yesterday and we had nice chats about comics and motivation to draw/create/do anything. I said something that me and him have heard many times before – just do it! So with that in mind I have a drawn a picture of what I look like on a sunday afternoon on the back of a Samaritans application form (which, sadly, will never get filled in)



Yes, it may surprise you but my sunday afternoons are usually spent staring at the internet on my Mac’s screen whilst my subconscious gives me a guilt trip about not playing my Uke instead. Saying that, I have been practicing Kooks by David Bowie today because me and Lizzie want to play it for Dorchester’s open mic night at Tom Browns. When this will actually happen is anybody’s guess. Especially if my playing keeps going the way it is. If you haven’t heard this song before please give it a listen- before going to learn it I didn’t realise what a sweet song it was.

So going back to the motivation/procrastination shizz- I always have this little niggle in the back of my brain telling me I should be creating more and trying to draw stuff as well as use my camera (which is pretty rare nowadays too). This is mainly down to my parents influence; Mum is always creating beads, jewellery etc and my Dad has a HUGE back catalogue of creations. Damn these inspiring people making me feel inadequate! Hopefully the prolific gene is lying dormant and will be sprung into action again somehow this year.

On another note, I’m on tweeter a little bit more than I was before, so if you fancy following me it’s here.

Overdue Christmas post

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‘Ello! Alright? Here’s a couple of photographs of some creations I made for Christmas presents-


A crocheted tie for Jonny


A crocheted and felted iPhone case for mother.

Not featured here due to me being a silly bugger are a red crocheted tie for Robin, a grey and blue scarf for Nathan, and Tea pot and cup mats for Lizzie. There may have been more that I’ve forgotten. I’m such a good creative blogger huh?

I’ll try and get my arse into gear and actually produce some decent images, but for the meantime I’m working as many hours as I can take and seeing all of my lovely friends. I hope you’re all having a lovely January!

2012 in review (because I’m lazy and I haven’t posted in a while)

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I hope you all had a good New Year and Christmas! Here’s one of those generated blog reports for your eyes if you’re interested… Continue reading ‘2012 in review (because I’m lazy and I haven’t posted in a while)’

Before we all die a terrible death…

•December 20, 2012 • 2 Comments

…I thought I’d do a quick blog post.

I’m not sure if I’ve linked to my soundcloud before but here goes-

There you will find a new cover I’ve very quickly done tonight of Elliott Smith’s Can’t Make a Sound from the album Figure 8. A song I’ve recently related to and have always loved. If you’ve never listened to Elliott, I highly recommend him! But listen quickly because we’re almost out of time.

I hope you all die peacefully, and thanks for reading!